Expert witness support

PAF provides expert witness support to the legal profession & insurance industry and is regularly instructed in both civil and criminal proceedings having presented technical reports and evidence at all Courts of Law, Public Inquiries, Transport Tribunals and Case Management Conference.

PAF engineers have provided in excess of 500 technical reports relating to road user personal injury claims involving highway maintenance, failure to conduct road safety audit, non-compliant highway design and non-compliant traffic management layout.

Behaviour are all taken into consideration

Collision Analysis: Witness testimony, condition/type of the vehicle, physical evidence, road geometry, road features, weather conditions, environmental constraints, injury mechanism, ergonomics, technical data, statistics and road user behaviour are all taken into consideration.

Collision Reconstruction: Information from tyre marks, pedestrian throw, pedestrian speeds, reaction times, coefficient of friction values, vehicle mass, angles at impact and visibility can be mathematically modelled to estimate speeds and ascertain the possible sequence of events.

Vehicle Examination:Analysis of impact damage and contact marks can assist in estimating a vehicles speed, movement and direction.

Locus Reports: Scale CAD plans, photographs and video are used to illustrate road geometry and markings, position of witnesses, post and pre impact course of vehicles and lines of sight.

3D Collision Animation Using detailed measurements, mathematical modelling, physical evidence and witness recollection circumstances of the collision or incident can be demonstrated by constructing a 3D model. This gives a visual demonstration of events leading up to, during and post collision and can viewed from many perspectives. This is a valuable and effective tool when presenting evidence and findings at court.

Witness Statements & Interviews: Trained in all aspects of interviewing techniques and will ensure that the information obtained is concise and relevant to the investigation.

Identification of Non-Compliance

Road Geometry & Features: Highway Authorities are responsible for ensuring that correct and recognised standards are applied and maintained. Our consultants can investigate non-compliance of these standards and assess and comment upon design criteria, road signs/markings, street lighting, vehicle restraint systems and visibility.

Highway Maintenance: The Highways Act 1980 set out the main duties of Highway Authorities, in particular section 40 imposes a duty to maintain the highway network. PAF can inspect the highway infrastructure, such as road & footway condition, traffic signs and drainage. Likewise we can request highway inspection documentation from authorities to ascertain if and at what intervals safety inspections are conducted and what remedial measures were implemented.

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