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Road safety is of particularly importance when processing applications for planning, development control and operators licensing and can be the deciding factor whether an application is granted or refused.

To give yourself the very best opportunity in obtaining a successful application PAF will research and obtain historical collision data, assess current road layout and traffic volume and predict future traffic growth and movement. Having assessed the current situation and your proposals PAF will provide you with advice and where necessary design solutions to meet your objectives.

To accompany your application PAF will supply concise reports to meet the criteria set out in the current planning policy guidance and legislation. Documents include road safety assessments, transport assessments, road safety audits, green travel plans and design and access statements.

We can also present our findings, on your behalf, to both the Planning & Highways Committee and Traffic Commissioner.

Safety and highway design advice

PAF can provide road safety and highway design advice to residential occupiers, private developers and land owners. Our road safety and traffic engineers regularly advise and prepare independent submissions to accompany and support planning applications.

Examples include:

  • office development in Wembley
  • residential developments in Lancaster & Long Preston
  • farm diversification in North Yorkshire
  • equestrian facilities in Morecambe
  • business & leisure development in Cumbria
  • sand & gravel quarry in Lancashire

Apply for an Operators Licence

Most road haulage companies as well as bus & coach operators will have to apply to their appropriate Traffic Commissioner for an Operators Licence before they can conduct their business legally. The application requires the applicant to list their number of vehicles and trailers and the address of their operating centre (where the vehicles are normally kept). The application has to be advertised in order that residents and stakeholders can have the opportunity in which to object.

PAF, with their experience and knowledge of transport operators licensing and road safety engineering, advise haulage and bus companies with regards to their preferred choice and location of new and additional operating centres. PAF help and advise with issues such as changes to road geometry and internal traffic management layout ensuring safe routes around the site and public highway.

PAF produce road safety assessment reports to submit to the Traffic Commissioner in support of any application or variation as well as attending Public Inquiry to give expert witness evidence.

Transport Workplace Risk Assessment

PAF have the benefit of staff that hold a combination of the Road Haulage Operations, NEBOSH Health & Safety, Road Safety Engineering & Auditing qualifications and an excellent and proven understanding of the safety issues relating to the safe operation of a large vehicle fleet, including operating centre traffic management, facilities for pedestrians, vehicle maintenance, drivers hours and safe carriage of loads.

PAF assist with issues such as changes to road geometry and internal traffic management layout ensuring safe routes around the site and public highway.


iRAP stands for International Road Assessment Program, it is a global road safety benchmarking and investment tool that is used to measure the safety of a roads infrastructure. Engineers from PAF were integral to the delivery of iRAP in Qatar. Using the same methodology and software PAF engineers can assess the design, from CAD drawings, and provide a star rating for your design proposals and where necessary recommend further measures to improve safety.

More information can be found at www.irap.org

Highways England’s current delivery plan includes a commitment for 90% of travel on the SRN to be at three stars or above by the end of 2020 and to ensure that the majority of those roads with 1-star and 2-star rating have improved to 3-stars.

Data published in 2010 revealed that while all of the motorway network and 98% of dual carriageway A roads were rated three or four stars, 63% of single carriageway A roads were below three stars.

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